Scaling sales becomes easy when you design a selling system that is aligned to the way customers buy. Most sales & marketing practised in SMBs, and even large organisations ignore this simple truth. This article explores how to create a system (ACRTB- Attracting Customers Ready To Buy) which scales sales based on the way customers search just before the purchase. After you read the article, you can register to see a free 30 mins video with case examples, which gives you an idea of the cost and implementation details.

‘How do I increase leads and sales without spending or even…

By answering questions that customers/patients have on their mind in video format just before they avail treatment or even before they buy any healthcare product, you can attract hot prospects.

This article discusses the “Selling 6” video strategy as applied to the Healthcare Services industry. The Selling 6 video strategy is discussed in my first article, How to attract ready-to-buy customers on a tiny budget in autopilot mode.

Healthcare decision: High on emotions, life outcomes, low on knowledge

Diabetes, back pain, cardiac care, weight management, eye problems… when it comes to our health, we all become emotional because we know…

Sell the way customers buy. Answer questions to which customers are seeking answers just before the purchase. With just these two fundamental steps on video, most businesses can tide over the limitations of small budgets, a small distribution network, and even arm-twisting dealers who are only trade-scheme loyal.

This article discusses the “Selling 6” video strategy as applied to Home Services industry. The Selling 6 video strategy is discussed in my first article, ‘How to attract ready-to-buy customers on a tiny budget in autopilot mode.’

High emotional and monetary stakes but a ‘low- trust’ buying environment

Homebuilding, renovation, and interiors…

Hi Nitin, yes the process works well for logistics aggregators. Your need to put out video content which answers cmmom question in the cutomer mind- delivery time, pricing, API integration with shopping platforms/ERP, destinations covered, clearances & paper work, cost optimization techniques etc. The process essentially maps the entire buying questions and answering it before they even ask.

If you would like to implement the selling 6 for your organization , you can reach out to me

Scaling sales requires a system mindset and an infrastructure to multiply and compensate for a small field sales force. Here are five sales operation checkpoints to keep in mind before you start scaling your business.

  1. What is the type of selling and buying you want to scale?

You have product-market fit, or you have a small client base of happy paying customers. These paying customers would have been acquired in the first place by the founders, who started off selling to these customers directly. For scaling sales, the task is to create a system that multiplies the founders’ skill or…

Product- market fit and scaling mindsets are very different. During sales scaling stage, the key focus should be on repeatability, sales infrastructure which can be leveraged and which will ensure the lowest cost of customer acquisition.

‘If I can get the demo meeting, I can close the sale.’

‘I have a chicken and egg situation, if sales improve, I will first add salespeople, which will solve the problem of slagging sales.’

‘My salespeople don’t seem to be doing enough calls.’

‘My salespeople don’t follow any systems. It is for their good, but they are clueless for the most part about…

The ultimate test of innovation is in its ability to drive growth. But what to innovate on to drive especially immediate growth has been a vexing area. Customers’ struggling moments is one of the first areas to start.

Innovation, essential for growth but only a few are satisfied

Growth is difficult to come by, especially with rising consumer expectations, increasing competition, erosion of differentiators and even digital disruption. There has been no doubt that innovation can drive growth, but what to innovate has been the tricky questions. Have a look at the below Mc Kinsey slide.

Customers value things more as soon as they touch them or even feel they own them. Retail sales associates can use this behavioural economics principle (Endowment Effect) to create a sense of ownership at the time of demo to convert better and even sell more products.

The first week I wrote about how most retail sales associates set them up for an uphill sales task with the opener ‘how can I help you’ and what to do about it. The second week I wrote about how the right ‘Add on’ at the close of the sale can increase revenue. …

Last week I wrote about ‘Add on’ during the close of the sale and how it can instantly boost revenue from existing customers with a little training. But to close right, you need to open right. Read on how we can break down openings which is one of the most challenging parts for a retail sales associate.

Where most associates get it wrong — Imagine you are walking into an electronics store, the sales associate darts to you with a greeting ‘Hi Good Morning, how are you’ and you respond with ‘Good Morning, Fine’. Now, like 90% of the associates…

If salespeople are trained the right way to suggest ‘add on’ products to the primary purchase, it can hugely improve the number of items per ticket and also the average bill value.

‘Adding on’ is a simple revenue enhancer which a lot of businesses do not train their sales associates for. Whenever I see businesses not presenting the right ‘add on’ products for their most selling items, I am reminded of the money that is left on the table or revenue loss. …

Subash Franklin

Founder- StratSprint Consulting | Partnering SMB owners on revenue growth by identifying customer purchase bottlenecks & hidden opportunities.

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