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Pls, note this is not a financial investment or business health breakdown. These are lessons and observations of how they managed to crowdsource funding successfully.

6 Important lessons (This is a masterclass in selling at scale but restricting to the top 6)

  1. Founder himself getting involved in the ad…

Too good to be true or unbelievable?

Possible provided your business has some momentum. Watch the 8 mins video to understand the fundamentals and then register to watch a 20 mins detailed video.

Understand key profit driving levers and ‘how to’ apply them in your business

  1. The 3 profit-driving levers, and out of which increasing sales is least impactful
  2. Where most companies go wrong and how to avoid it
  3. How you can generate money from your current business to fund new growth at no cost or low cost
  4. The pitfall of cutting costs to show profit and why it does not work in the long run

When you register for the 20 mins you will receive checklists and other profit-driving tactics that can be quickly implemented in your business.

Link to the 8 mins and 20 mins video —

Profit in advance link to the video:

Subash Franklin

Founder- StratSprint Consulting | Increasing sales and cutting costs for companies by implementing Automated Sales Machine

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